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Crystal Hiner , MA, LPCCS/LICDC

Taking the first step towards contacting a therapist can be intimidating! As we go through life’s ups and downs things happen in our lives that require us to examine which path we want to take. Finding someone to provide support, encouragement, and compassion can enhance life’s journey. What makes the therapeutic relationship so special is having a person to share your thoughts and feelings without judgement. I am committed to making this process easier for you by creating an environment of trust, respect and support so you can learn to cope with what you are currently dealing with in your life.

My professional experience includes working with a variety of individuals dealing with many of life’s struggles including: depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction, families dealing with addicted loved ones, domestic violence, grief and loss, all types of trauma, adoption, and problems in school, and all types of relationship issues.

I focus on the individual I am treating and their specific needs, but I tend to use cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused , and motivational interviewing therapy to help clients achieve their goals. I am accepting new patients and I have day and evening appointments available. I work with individuals, couples and families.


Ryan Miller, MA, LPCCS/LICDC

I would invite you to consider the wonderful, unharnessed potential that dwells inside of you. I can teach you how to explore and tap into that, so that eventually I’m obsolete. That’s the task that any ethical therapist sets out to do. Through a trusting, open and thoughtful therapeutic relationship, we can address any number of concerns. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a nonjudgmental, genuine space to explore your fears, hopes, greatest struggles, and greatest aspirations.

I have 8 years of experience treating chemical dependency and other addictive disorders (I.e., gambling, gaming addiction, sex addiction, etc.) as well as a myriad of family concerns. I’m well versed in treating anxiety, depression, anger, and phase of life issues. I’m trauma-informed and believe in always considering its impact.

At my practice, I want you to look forward to doing the immensely rewarding and explorative work that is therapy. I have a relaxed, calm and humanistic style that I hope you will find to be approachable and conscientious.


Nicole Durbin, MA, LPC

While the counseling process can be both scary and beautiful, I seek to provide compassionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated counseling services. I strive to create a non-judgmental, safe, and empathetic environment. My hope is this environment is conducive to one’s exploration of his or her own experience in which I will explore WITH you; not FOR you.

I am skilled in providing individual and family counseling with children, adolescents, and adults. I utilize a holistic treatment approach which creates an environment encouraging clients to reach the best version of themselves. I have training and experience in various therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), yoga therapy, and behavior management. My professional experience includes working with those facing trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, and relationship concerns, to name a few. I look forward to joining you on your counseling journey!



Life is seldom fair, it’s unpredictable, and it can overall be difficult to navigate without the right tools. My hope as a counselor is to assist you in finding the right tools to help you on your journey. There are many different modalities and models of counseling I follow that we can discuss, but to be honest, the best thing I can offer is a safe and confidential space where you can discuss your issues and concerns without feeling judged or shamed

I have experience providing counseling services to adolescents/young adult, adults, and the geriatric population. I also have minor experience with children and couples. Specific issues I have experience in include but are not limited to: Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse, Chronic Illness, Grief, End of Life Issues, ADHD, PTSD, Life Adjustments, and other.

The important part is that you have taken a very large step in your journey by researching counselors. You are not alone, so no matter which counselor you chose, we are here to help. We all have the right to live our best lives, and you and I can work together to get you the tools to do just that.


Katie Humble, MA, LPCC

I believe in advocating for client growth by collaborating with clients to achieve their personal goals. I have a passion for helping clients decide how to best cope with their concerns themselves by self exploration and learning new skills through a holistic approach. My goal is to provide a confidential, safe and supportive environment for my clients in which they feel empowered to achieve self exploration and overcome personal struggles.I am a LPCC and have 5 years of specializing in substance abuse. I also have experience in treating depression, anxiety, grief, codependency, self-esteem, trauma and ADHD. I provide treatment through an eclectic approach, specifically focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.I’m well suited for working with a variety of mental health and addiction concerns; however, women seeking self-empowerment, autonomy, assertiveness, and want to strengthen self-esteem tend to fit particularly well with my therapeutic style.


Paula Sanford, MA, LPCC-S

Two of my all-time favorite movies are The Wizard of Oz and Wonder Woman. Each film follows characters on perilous journeys heading toward uncertain fates. Dorothy and her companions take on a wicked witch while seeking courage, knowledge, love, and the safety and security of home. They ultimately learn that what they sought was a part of them all along. In Wonder Woman, Diana must face unimaginable destruction, loss, and sorrow guided only by her mission to do what is right and to help others. Her journey unlocks in her a strength and power she did not know she possessed. I consider it an honor and a privilege to join you on your journey and I seek to help you to unlock YOUR strengths and power as you navigate the past, present, and future!

Deanna Trubisky

Welcome to Compass Counseling, a place that is open and inviting for you to learn and explore more about yourself. Although counseling can be intimidating, it gives you an opportunity to build a therapeutic relationship that provides you with support, encouragement, and the tools to face anything that life throws at you.

I am a Counselor-in-Training (CT) intern. I am in the process of receiving a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Development at Walsh University. I previously graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from Kent State University in May of 2019

Amy Pendergrass

I am a licensed professional counselor who is super excited to walk alongside you in your journey called life! Helping marriages, families, and children find their best selves and obtain a positive outlook on life are a passion of mine.
I have a holistic approach to helping, where I strive to help find balance and strength in life. Faith and hope are an important part of who I am as a clinician.

I believe in helping people recognize their strengths and encourage those strengths to help overcome life’s obstacles. I hold a special place in my heart for adolescents, teenagers, and young adults, with whom I have worked with for the last 25 years of my life in some capacity or another. My professional experience has consisted of working with individuals facing anxiety, depression, life adjustments, trauma, family issues, relationship issues, and grief. I look forward to coming alongside you.

Ahna Cattarin

For me, counseling is about perspectives and connections.  I seek to provide a trusting, nonjudgmental and respectful environment where you can explore whatever you are struggling with, the different perspectives involved, and how they impact your connections with others and yourself.  Helping you to find your strengths and learn the skills to balance your life situations with adjustability is my goal.  


I have been counseling professionally for over 25 years.  I am experienced  treating substance use disorders, behavioral addictions, and family members of those with an addiction.  I also treat depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD, grief and loss, codependency, and self-esteem issues.  My style is eclectic, but I tend to use motivational interviewing, person-centered, and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches. 


My counseling style is like my profile picture (with a few more hairs in place).  I am low-key, calm and relaxed.  I consider it an honor to be involved in the self exploration of another and to help them find their path.  

What Our Clients Say About Us

We take pride at Compass Counseling in provide a non-judgemental, safe, and honest place to harness your best self.

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Tara Spiezio
Tara Spiezio
13:54 05 Jun 21
After 9 months of working with Nicole at Compass Counseling, I have learned all the tools and coping mechanisms I need to survive my own tumultuous emotions as I navigate the vast ocean of life that... is rife with both beauty and danger.I highly recommend Compass or at least and especially Nicole.read more
Sarah Brunswick
Sarah Brunswick
20:42 04 Mar 21
Very quick to respond when contacted for initial appointment, makes you feel at ease and safe, accommodating with scheduling, and very helpful with treatment plan options. Would highly recommend!
Katelyn Schoenbeck
Katelyn Schoenbeck
23:35 15 Feb 21
Crystal has been awesome! I would recommend her to anyone!
taylor hargraves
taylor hargraves
19:04 15 Feb 21
Compass Counseling is wonderful place! The staff is very professional and pleasant. Definitely would recommend Compass!
Andrew Gill
Andrew Gill
18:00 15 Feb 21
Great place with amazing staff!
Hayden Ostrowske
Hayden Ostrowske
17:59 15 Feb 21
Great place! staff is very professional and friendly. would recommend to anyone!
03:18 15 Feb 21
I’ve been going to compass for going on two years, my counselor has always been professional and so incredibly integral to my mental health success. My therapist is certified in EMDR therapy and it... has been such a beneficial treatment for myself- I couldn’t recommend Compass more!read more
Jamie Nist
Jamie Nist
01:55 15 Feb 21
Very caring and professional staff. I love working with Crystal! Highly recommend Compass for your counseling needs!
Amanda Spears
Amanda Spears
18:56 04 Feb 21
Amazing staff!
Chuckie White
Chuckie White
13:39 08 Aug 19
Counselor and Sessions are Amazing, In 16 months of recovery I wouldn't have gotten this far without coming here weekly. Sharing things and being able to open up to someone who gives me honest... feedback, and tools to use with it.read more
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